Heineken International Graduate Programme – 2012

Sursa: www.hipo.ro

Our International Graduate Programme (IGP) is your chance to make an impact from day one. Our aim is to develop a pool of internationally minded individuals with the potential and capability to become leaders within HEINEKEN. Once on board you will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training, coaching, travel and an environment that both stimulates intellectually and rewards high performance.

What is so great about HEINEKEN? Well our 200 leading brands and over 70 operating companies are a good place to start. The HEINEKEN brand is available across the globe, but we also brew a host of other famous brands, some reflecting local cultures and tastes and others that have reached beyond their local market. There is also our sponsorship of, the UEFA Champions League, rugby’s HEINEKEN Cup, the Rugby World Cup, and music venues around the world.

You will be exposed to:

An Induction Programme – A one week corporate induction will be organized prior to the commencement of your first placement in September 2012
International Experiences – Three international placements, each lasting six months
Career Development – A world-class training and support programme allowing you to manage your own career development
Skills Development – You will gain functional skills, in addition to unique exposure to different cultures and ways of working

Ideally you will need:

A degree – or about to graduate (preferably a Masters),
Be advised that if you are considering applying for Supply Chain that you will need to have a science or engineering background,
Up to two years of relevant work experience in your chosen function, with at least 6 months gained outside your home country,
To speak at least three languages; one of which should be English and any other two (with preference for European languages),
A desire to live and work abroad,
To have proven leadership skills,
To have an affinity with your chosen field of specialisation,
To have genuine interest in other countries and cultures,
To be able to demonstrate your drive and desire to succeed,
A driving licence.

Want to find out more about our Heineken International Graduate Programme? Click here!

Closing date for applications: February 29th, 2012


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