Heineken International Graduate Programme

In addition to any local opportunities, we also have an 18 months International Graduate Programme, which gives you the chance to work across the Globe and make an impact from day one. Our aim is to develop a pool of internationally minded individuals with the potential and capability to become leaders in Heineken.

Although how far you go is up to you, once on the programme you will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, travel, formal training, coaching and an environment that stimulates intellectually and rewards high performance.

What you can expect on the programme

You will specialize in either Supply Chain, Finance, Sales and Marketing, HR, IT or Corporate Relations
You will go through a one week induction programme
Three international placements each lasting six months
Starts in September 2011 and applications will be open at the beginning of March 2011

Ours is a highly competitive industry, so you need to be motivated, adventurous and ready to prove yourself. You also need to take a collaborative approach, as our success worldwide is very much a team effort. In return, we will prepare you for a career that could eventually see you becoming one of our leaders of tomorrow.

Ideally you will need:

A degree – or be about to graduate (preferably a Masters Degree)
Work experience, preferably up to two years – relevant to your chosen function, ideally gained outside your home country
At least three languages- one of which is English and two other (with preference for European languages)
A desire to live and work abroad – as placements (or jobs after the programme) may be outside your home country
To have proven leadership skills
To have affinity with chosen specialism
An interest in other countries and cultures
To be able to demonstrate your drive to succeed

Want to find out more about our Heineken International Graduate Programme?

Closing date for applications: 13th of April 2011


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