To meet Bunge’s current and future growth we are seeking early career talent with diverse experiences and backgrounds, in particular, talented people who have a desire to help our business succeed.

YEP Focus

The focus of Bunge’s Young Engineers Program (YEP) is to attract, develop and retain early talent for future leadership roles in our Operations Industry within our European locations.

Program Design

On-the-job development

You will be developed on-the-job in within your host country locations in the areas of Crushing, Total Safety, Refinery, Laboratory, Bottling, Utilities, Logistics, Product Handling and Productivity.

Classroom development

You will participate in the following 4 classroom modules:

  • Module 1: Overview of Bunge
  • Module 2: Industrial Operations
  • Module 3: Project Management
  • Module 4: People Management
  • Module 5: Completion

On the job training

  • You will participate in the following assignments periods, with specific learning objectives:
  • Action Learning Projects
  • You will participate in cross-functional virtual international teams on a real business-driven project and have the opportunity to share your results with Bunge’s senior leaders

Program benefits

  • Develop on-the-job as well classroom training
  • Opportunity to work in cross-cultural teams on real business issues
  • Visibility to cross-functional business experts and Bunge’s senior leadership
  • Exposure to various Bunge facilities (plants, ports, R&D centers)
  • Cutting-edge knowledge on technology (oilseeds processing…)
  • Integrate the Bunge culture and values
  • Contingent upon successful performance and completion of the program, opportunity to assume a permanent position at Bunge

Duration – You will be hired specifically as Bunge employees within the YEP for a period of 2 years.

Steps in YEP

  • Step 1. Apply for the YE’s Program within Bunge Romania
  • Step 2. If you will be selected, you will be hired as part of our Bunge Plant in Buzau. You will become our employee.
  • Step 2. You will be part of the 2 years Young Engineers program – complete the class-room modules and the assignments (part of on the job training).
  • Step 3. After 2 years, you will assume a key role (technical or managerial) within the Operations area of our business units, in Romania or abroad.

Qualifications & Work Experience

  • Recent graduates from top local or international engineering or polytechnic schools, preferably with a degree in one of these fields: Process, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical fields
  • Top 25 percentile of their graduating class
  • Up to 2 years previous work experience is an advantage (including internships, practicum, summer-jobs, etc.)
  • International exposure (travels, study-abroad, etc.) would likewise be an advantage
  • Very good level of English is required (understanding, conversational and written), and fluency in another foreign language is an asset
  • Willingness to travel during the program

Personal competencies

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexible and self-driven
  • Team-oriented
  • Results oriented
  • Solid problem-solving skills
  • Open to international assignments upon completion of the program

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