Cross Functional Trainee Program – Kraft Foods

Cross Functional Trainee Program

Finance l Sales l Marketing l Customer Service & Logistics l HR l Procurement

What is it all about?

Starting from Kraft concept of developing future leaders from inside the organization, we launched the Cross Functional Trainee Program (CFT).

The program lasts 12 months and allows each trainee to spend learning time within all departments (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement and Customer Service & Logistics).

The aim is to help you understand the whole business and the interactions between the various functions & departments.

After the 1 year traineeship period you have the chance to be offered a permanent job within Kraft Foods.

On our Cross Functional Trainee Program you’ll have your own mentor, together with the chance to enjoy working in six challenging departments over one year. In addition, we offer a superior compensation & benefits package and a great team.

Click here to apply now for the Cross Functional Trainee Program 2010!


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