Ursus Breweries is currently looking for 4 Commercial Trainees!
The commercial trainee’s ideal profile:
• University student or fresh graduate
• Very good English skills, both written and oral
• Good command of MS Office
• Organized and hardworking
• Willing and able to learn and invest energy in learning and development
• Good collaboration skills and team player
• Able to assume a Full Time job
For the next 2 years you will be enrolled in a special program designed to challenge and train you in order to become one of the future leaders of our organisation!

The program involves 3 big stages who will help you develop business specific abilities and management soft skills.

You will have a specific project manager and specific tasks on each development stage of the program.

Previous experience is not necessary, but a previous project in commercial area is an advantage.

Clink to apply at Ursus


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