Fit For Future – un program PWC

„Whatever the present, make sure you are fit for future!

What is FitForFuture?
FitForFuture is PricewaterhouseCoopers’ new student programme. Following the success of 3 editions of Let Your Talents Grow, we have decided to adapt the programme to the challenges of the current and future environment and provide the support and guidance you need to face the changes ahead.

Equipping yourself with the skills needed to start a career in the current world and being aware of the possible scenarios organisations everywhere are heading towards are two of the key ingredients to make full use of the opportunities available. Through Fit For Future, PwC will facilitate your reflection on these matters and thus contribute to your personal development in a focused way, which takes into account both the current realities and the trends of the business world.

Programme description
What will the organisation of the future look like? And what will your career in these organisations look like? How will you manage to get your personal brand across in the virtual environment in which we all operate? These are just few of the questions we are aiming to address together with you – some of the brightest students out there.

The programme – scheduled to start at the end of March – is designed as a combination of classroom workshops and action learning sets (small groups of students interacting with the help of a facilitator). The workshops will cover areas such as:

  • Generations at work
  • Your personal brand in a changing world
  • Organisations of the future
  • Life in 2.0

What’s in it for you?
We are aiming to create a forum of talented students in which to analyse the challenges ahead and reflect on how we can transform these in opportunities. The programme’s objective is to raise your awareness on the challenges and opportunities of the foreseeable future in terms of career and personal development and it also aims to create a strong community of high-flying students which will act as a think-tank on the matter throughout the programme and beyond. But it is important to say that it’s up to you to define YOUR objectives for the programme. You shape it to the same extent that we do. So let us know your thoughts!

Who can apply?
Any student, with no regards to year of study and specialisation, is eligible to apply. Substantial extracurricular activities, a broad social network and proven thought leadership initiatives (research papers, conferences, articles, blogs etc.) are seen as clear advantages.

To apply please send your resume/blog/webpage or whatever you use to present yourself and a one-page essay on the subject “My most rewarding learning experience” to no later than March 23rd

We look forward to meeting you!

PwC Team”

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