Experience internationalism!

Travel in the location of your dreams,
Experience a new cultural and professional environment
Enhance your abilities and challenge your perspectives

Benefit from:

* The Opportunity to work and get practical experience in a foreign country;
* A vast network of professional contacts;
* Unmatched quality in servicing and arrival preparation;
* Lifetime friendships and intercultural interaction.

For more information come to OUR Big Picture presentation, on:
10th of March, 18:00, room 2013, ASE!
11th of March 18:00, Polytechnics University!
We offer 4 Types of internships:
Educational Traineeship;
Management Traineeship;
Technical Traineeship;
Development Traineeship;

The Management Traineeship covers areas like:
* Administration;
* Finance;
* Accounting;
* Marketing;
* Project management;
* Human resources.

We offer internships in top companies in countries like Germany, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Japan and many others.

Exciting! Surprising! Amazing! Unique!

Everything started with a simple question. I said „yes” and everything changed from that point onward.
I discovered a great city, with an impressive cultural and historic background, in a country that has so much to offer.
I worked in an IT company in the marketing field. I cooperated with an international team made of students.
I brought back with me from this amazing internship an important professional experience, an incredible social network of friends at a global level and great memories.
Madalina Stefanescu, management traineeship in Poland.

Personal challenge +
Professional experience +
International Environment =
The Global Internships

Apply Now!


Last day to become an AIESECer: 17th of March

AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. The purpose of AIESEC is the development of the leaders who will later have the necessary impact within the society. In Bucharest AIESEC has 18 years of experience in projects dedicated to students, designed to stimulate their active involvement in the local community and develop their qualities and abilities.


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