Eveniment International de Recrutare

Intre 20 si 21 noiembrie 2008, in Budapesta, Ungaria, are loc prima editie Careers in Europe dedicata special tinerilor din Centrul si Estul Europei care isi doresc sa urmeze o cariera internationala. Peste 20 de companii de top din Europa vor organiza interviuri si prezentari pe parcusul a doua zile. Participarea la eveniment se face pe baza de invitatie in urma unui proces de selectie. Participarea este gratuita, iar formularul de aplicare la eveniment poate fi gasit aici.

Site-ul evenimentului: www.careersineurope.com/Budapest

Are you looking for a Career in Europe?

Careers in Europe holds a unique, invitation-only event at which top international employers meet and interview the very best graduates and early-career professionals which speak at least one Central & Eastern European language for a wide variety of positions throughout the continent.

Up to 20 top companies represented by more than 100 recruiters will be selecting candidates for positions throughout Europe over the two-day event, consisting of pre-scheduled interviews, networking with top managers, recruiters and candidates from all across Central and Eastern Europe, attending individual coaching, career workshops and company presentations. It provides a unique opportunity for you to have your first interview with leading HR directors and Senior Business Representatives from various organisations.

Careers in Europe has already a successful history in organising exclusive recruitment events in Brussels and Berlin and, this year, the company wants to come closer to the Central and Eastern European candidates by organising its first event in Budapest.

If you want to boost your career and are looking for the best international jobs, apply now for this prestigious Event.

Who gets invited?

· Candidates with an excellent academic track record (at least undergraduate level)

· Fluency in English and at least one Central or Eastern European language

· 0-7 years of professional experience

· Outstanding intellectual and interpersonal skills

„This event is definitely not a traditional job fair. It is like having face-to-face interviews all over Europe. Thank you for the great opportunity!”
R.B. (German candidate)

„I have never been to an event like this before. With so many international blue-chip companies, this event is such an excellent opportunity for anyone pursuing an international career. You meet recruiters you would never meet in your home country”
C.Z. (Polish candidate)

„Where else would I have managed to gain interviews with so many attractive companies? 3 months after the event I have secured a position with DuPont, my dream company”
R.G. (Belgian candidate)

Apply before the 5th of October at



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