IKEA Supply – New Talent Program 2008

If you want to start your career within an international, growing company…

If you are interested in contributing to the development of the IKEA supply chain…

If you like challenges…

… Then Join IKEA, join our New Talent Program!

The New Talent Program is a great opportunity to launch your career, to grow as individual and in your professional role.

The New Talent program is a one year program which combines “business development” and “personal development”. During that time, you will work abroad and have local assignments defined according to our business priorities. You will gain knowledge about IKEA through three main processes:

…Create the home furnishing offer : You will understand our global organization, our range strategy, how we create the low price

…Supplying : You will work within “Distribution” (Logistics) and “Trading” to discover and learn about their goals, roles, strategy

Communicating and selling: You will work in a store to get to know our customer and customer need.

Please to send your CV and application form (www.hipo.ro/ikea.doc) to ikea@hipo.ro before June, 26th.


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